Shani 21st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Yami and Mangal’s wedding is fixed!

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|| One gets karamfal for sure. Results of good deeds sometimes take time but don’t lose hope. Have faith on yourself as Shani never lets injustice happen to anyone. ||

Dhamini says by coming here it is not just my father who was insulted but now I too am feeling like being disrespected here. It would be best for me to leave. Rest assured. You wont see me in Surya Loka again after being disrespected so much. Kakol says so much anger does not suit such a great artist. Tell your name please. Dhamini says I was instead praising him but he is finding faults in me only. Now I would only give my introduction when he will tell me his name. Shani utters his name. A smile appears on Dhamini’s face. Kakol asks her her name. Dhamini shares that she is Dhamini but is stunned to see Shani walking away

and shouts after him. You cannot leave just like this.

Yami warns Mangal not to talk to her like that. This isn’t how you address a woman. Maybe you are forgetting that you are in Surya Loka and you are speaking to Surya-putri Yami right now!
Mangal also reminds her she is speaking to Shivansh Mangal who she is destined to marry. One must always obey her would be husband. She tells him he should not tell her what she should do and what she shouldn’t. I will do what I feel is right. Mangal tells her to be calm. You only accepted my proposal of marriage with you. You are a woman. Maintain some limits. He turns and finds himself facing Shani but then walks away.

Shani walks up to his sister. I will speak to Surya Dev if you are hesitant about speaking to Surya Dev. She declines. You did the duty of a brother by making me realise that Mangal is not the right guy for me. It is because of you that I have realised it will be an insult to me and the pious constitution of marriage if I go ahead and marry Mangal. I am a woman. The world thinks a woman to be weak unless she raises her voice. I will tell father my decision right away!

Mangal is with Surya Dev. I never imagined that I will become the SIL of Surya Dev as your family is the most respectable family in the entire world. I am guilty of the fact that Devraj wanted to announce me as the rightful heir of Surya Loka in your absence. That was the only way to revive you. Now that I think of it, I hope you don’t think that I wanted to take your place. Surya Dev calls his intention pure and selfless. Mangal thanks him for understanding him. If I hadn’t come clear with it today then I would have always lived under this guilt! Surya Dev says accepting this hints that you had no bad intention towards anyone. You did everything to maintain Yami’s respect and for Surya Loka. Mangal adds that he was looking at his Shakti-Punj while the marriage was being finalised. I felt you are not in sync with the idea of this marriage and want to end it. I don’t have any objection to it if you wish to break it. Surya Dev points out that his behaviour has changed all his opinions. I have no such qualms anymore. I will organize it in a grand way! I have been blessed after so long. I will do my daughter’s Kanyadaan myself. You dotn know how it feels when a father does Kanyadaan of his daughter. Yami has heard some of their conversation and stands rooted to her place in silence. Surya Dev notices her and shares that they were talking about her impending marriage. It will be grand. Do you wish to say something? Yami thinks about her father’s happiness. It would be inappropriate if I tell him I am not willing to marry Mangal!

Chitrarath is thinking of Shani’s words. How dare that Chhaya-putra speak to me like this! He is impure. How would he know the difference between pure Kula and impure Kula! Dhamini reasons that Shani wasn’t wrong. Chitrarath says it means you too think he is right. Did I bring you here so you can support that Shani from impure Kula? She denies. He tells her to always remember the freedom of thoughts. I also taught you Vaag-Chaturya even after knowing that! He goes quiet. She accepts her mistake and apologizes to him. A servant informs them that Devi Chhaya wants to meet Dhamini. Chitrarath tells him to go. we will come soon. The servant leaves. Chitrarath tells Dhamini to remember the reason as to why they have come here. You must stay in Surya Loka for forever. She nods.

Shani comes in Sabha. Surya Dev says I called all of you here to share something special. Don’t know what all you went through in the past 10 years but since I am back, I have realised that Surya family hasn’t lost his cool over all these years. I am happy that another name will be joined with our family today – Mangal Dev! Shani looks at Yami in shock who looks down sadly. Surya Dev says this relation formed in very difficult situation and in my absence but I am really pleased to hear Mangal’s thoughts today. There cannot be a better groom for my daughter than Mangal! Which father would not be happy to see his daughter happy? This happiness has come in my daughter’s life because of Mangal. I am really happy to know this. We will hold grand celebrations for the very same reason. Chitrarath and Dhamini enter. Dhamini asks Chhaya if she called her here. Chhaya nods. Surya Dev is going to make a very special announcement. Surya Dev announces that Yami will marry Mangal in a month’s time. Mangal and Yami seek the blessings of their elders. Dhamini congratulates them as well. Chhaya requests her to stay in Surya Loka till Yami’s wedding. It is my daughter’s wedding. I have to do the duties of a mother too. If you would stay then we would be able to organize a grand event too. Dhamini thinks of what she had told Shani earlier. She tells Chhaya she will consider herself lucky if she will stay back in Surya Loka. Shani looks at her.

Narayan says both Dhamini and Yami don’t have the courage to go against their father but they still have a wish. Mahadev says world forgets that world cannot exist without a lady. She is the one who nurtures life. World keeps forgetting it but we need Shani once again to remind the world of this fact. It will help both the ladies as well.

Dhamini asks her father if he is happy now. He nods. I am thrilled. You did right by accepting Devi Chhaya’s orders. Only some time is left. Just like Surya Dev is impressed with you, I have no doubt that one day Yam will also fall in love with your talent and beauty. It will become easier for you to marry him then.

Precap: On one hand, Dhamini is getting pulled towards Shani and his ideals while on the other hand, Ravan is doing something to bring Mahadev to him.

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